What is a good age to start guitar lessons? – Must Learn Acoustic Guitar Songs

The best age to start lessons is usually between age 10-17. While learning guitar can be overwhelming for anyone, with the proper preparation and encouragement it’s possible to make the most of your time! In the video below, I cover a few of the important ways that I’ve personally gone about helping young guitarist’s, and hopefully inspire and motivate others to learn guitar as well!

The video is about my experiences as a teacher of jazz guitar to young students around the world. I’ve also written about teaching guitar at Berklee College of Music and playing for Berklee’s famous Jazz Ensemble in the ’90s and 2000s for a variety of students all over the globe.

For more information about what the Jazz Ensemble is, and how to learn to jam in front of your fellow musicians, please visit their website with these links:

I want to offer my sincerest thanks to the Berklee Jazz Ensemble for all of the great support I’ve received and how much it means to me as a musician. For more information about Berklee’s jazz education curriculum and other programs please visit their website here:

A new study published today in the journal Obesity has found that people who eat fast food three days a week are at higher risk of mortality than people who consume the same amount of food but on a lower-calorie schedule.

The study, led by scientists at the Center for Translational Science in Philadelphia, used data on deaths, suicides and health care spending from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to discover what’s driving the high mortality rates in fast food restaurants.

The study has implications for policymakers. People who eat fast food three days a week have a 10% chance of dying at some point from a particular medical event, compared to less than 1% who eat the same amount of food at different times.

The authors are calling the result a “new warning sign to policymakers” and say it has “consequences for public health.”

As you might expect, in-your-face fast food marketing contributes to the high rate of mortality: People who watch television shows like McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s more tend to report higher mortality rates than people who don’t eat those products.

The researchers have a few suggestions that could help keep people from becoming a dying breed.

The researchers recommend that policymakers have long-term goals to increase the consumption of plant-based foods, especially healthy and low-fat dairy products, instead of relying

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