What is a good age to start guitar lessons?

There are no set standards when it comes to when we start a guitar lesson. It depends on what type of music you like. If you love hip hop or blues this is a great age to start. If you love alternative rock, acoustic or metal this is a good age to start. In short, start at a time when you are comfortable with how to play.

Why is it good to start at a time other than your own birthday?

I have received many letters from older people asking about their younger self’s experience starting guitar lessons. Although they are much older, they are still learning at the same rate as we are. A typical letter to us says: “I started playing guitar at six years old and have been getting better ever year as I was taught from a very young age in our local shop. I am going to start at nine this year” or “at nine I will be teaching my family guitar.”

What are your personal tips for people starting guitar?

As far as starting at your own birthday, it is a good idea to begin with one lesson a week instead of a lesson and a lot! It also helps to have someone to hold your hand when you first start out by explaining that you have a beginner learning style. Also, make sure you do you practice at a time when you have fun. Playing music often puts a strain on our bodies and minds, and having more fun helps.

Does my teacher pay?

Yes, they may pay for the first lesson and the equipment they use. They may also allow us to come and work with them on a regular basis while teaching lessons.

Is my teacher allowed to make my lessons public?

If a guitar teacher wishes to be able to share classes with all students, then they are permitted to do so. However, if a teacher is unable to do so for any reasonable reason (like getting married), they are not permitted to make classes public.

Other schools have a policy about making classes public. This means if a teacher wants to make all lessons public, this requirement would apply.

Is there a limit on the number of people I may have at my guitar lesson?

The number of people that you may meet at your lesson is restricted by you. But if you’re making the lessons public, the maximum number is 5 people. If you have fewer than 5 people, then you can take turns teaching in the lesson.

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