What is an easy song to learn on guitar?

Why is an easy song to learn on bass? And how can I build more muscle memory on bass? I talk to experts who answer these questions and offer practical strategies to help you master more complex music.

Today we have three songs to choose from. There’s Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, which you might recognize from the film Schindler’s List. The other two are the works of Bob Dylan & The Band, which you may know from a certain movie you saw in school. So we’ve got you covered for learning an easy song on guitar that you will love to learn. Let’s get started.

We’ve included the chord progression for these three songs with examples so that you can see them in the right key. Feel free to add or remove chords to see them in other keys or switch them to an instrument (or learn chord shapes using scales) to see how many you can get and how they fit.

This will take a few minutes. You can listen to them as you practice to see how they sound. You have 10 minutes.

Chord Diagram for B-Minor, Op. 35, No. 7:

The chord shapes and chord fingerings are the same as the one below from the video.

Chords and chords for C-Major, Op. 35, No. 17:

Chords and chords for D Major, Op. 35, No. 16:
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Chords and chords for E Major, Op. 35, No. 14:

Chords and chords for F Major, Op. 35, No. 13:

Chords and chords for G Major, Op. 35, No. 12:

Chords and chords for A Minor, Op. 35, No. 11:

Chords and chords for B-Minor, Op. 35, No. 10:

Chords and chords for C-Major, Op. 35, No. 9:

Chords and chords for D-Major, Op. 35, No. 8:

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