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No matter which form of music you’re playing, there are certain songs that, no matter how you play them, just instantly get the audience’s attention. That’s a really difficult thing to do, so it’s very exciting to write music that can instantly connect to people’s emotions, get them excited, and then use that to get them out there and playing more. If you’ve been playing for years, or you’re a seasoned performer, you know songs that connect to people in a very specific way. For myself, I know songs that are instantly catchy, instantly melodic. I just like to think of writing lyrics that really communicate the power of something and let people know something about this song.

How did you record your version of “The Girl is Mine?” Did it have to be done with guitars, or were you able to play an acoustic guitar during production?

They said they wanted the original recording of the song on strings, but before we left they said they wanted me to sing along, sing out, and sing what they wanted me to sing.

When doing an acoustic set on string, I always do it alone for a while just to really get into it, just go into space. And then after I’ve sung for a while, I would then start to play, and then they would put one of those little amps on me because I’m a guitar player — you have to play with that.

When I wrote the chorus, I felt it was too long, and I wanted to get down into the strings. I’d never written anything in strings before.

My friend Rob has an electric guitar and I just played it on a set in England for a while for a session, but now that I’ve recorded it, I feel it fits very well.

What other bands/artist have inspired you?

Weir, and David Bowie (for his work with David Bowie in the film “Space Oddity”).

Who is the band’s main songwriter?

I always use my main songwriter as my main songwriter. There are a couple of bands in the songwriting community that are very good songwriters, but my main songwriter is always me.

How did you get involved with “Haunting”?
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When I wrote “Haunting,” I wasn’t sure I was going to make the recording, and I was thinking that it would be great to have something that would have a live feeling and be very cinematic and dramatic.

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