What is the easiest guitar to play? – Justin Guitar

This year, the easiest guitar is the acoustic. It makes sense to you because they take up very little room. The problem with these is the same as the electric: The strings don’t play with enough power to make the sound strong.

I’ve heard that the hardest guitar is the acoustic, and it just makes no sense to me, as a music-maker, as I play an acoustic guitar. They play so slowly. It’s a bit frustrating when you’re playing a piano. You’ll get the best out of it sometimes but it won’t be fun sometimes.

Would you play the electric guitar if there was no electric piano?

That’s a weird question, I didn’t think so. As much as I want to play a guitar with a good sound, I still want to be able to play a good, clean melody. I think that the electric piano is a great tool, if you’re used to it, but you can make better use of it if you’re used to a good acoustic. We get the best from the electric guitar when we take the time to play in rhythm, when there’s no beat, and we don’t make music when there’s a beat, you know, we make a melody. It’s true that the electric piano can provide you with a rhythm, but then the melody gets ruined at the same time.

I know you don’t really have an opinion. I’ve always thought it was the same way in that way. I was very lucky to have a good, old-fashioned electric piano when I was growing up.

I’m sorry, you did have that?


You weren’t playing on it?


What made you decide to give up on the piano?

No, actually I had the electric piano almost since I was a child. At least I think it was a piano, but it was maybe a recorder.

[laughs] Oh, I’m sorry! That’s so sad.


How did you decide to give up the electric piano?

Well, I was living in Berlin for a while and I was doing a lot of work and I’d go home and do some housework at night and I couldn’t sleep, so I’d play in piano all day. When I was 15, I had it. I was just a teenager.

What happened to it?


What did it

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