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The biggest problem is I find there are a lot of guitar players that don’t know how to play. It’s not easy but that’s why I teach beginners by teaching them how to play the chord melody in harmony and playing simple phrases and melody that is familiar to them. This helps them develop the ability to play chord melodies properly and develop their phrasing too and that’s something that can be learned on guitar as well. I’m not trying to “make them into guitarists” as I teach them how to play and how to improve their playing.

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What kind of music do you record?

All genres and styles are possible. I would say that mostly I recorded some tracks with acoustic guitars and some tracks with electric guitars in the studio. But most of the time I mainly produce music on my computer and record on my iPhone. So I guess I would say my music is very diverse and I have a very broad range of stuff in my career. And it’s all done entirely for personal music, so sometimes I will create an entire track on a single guitar and other times I will create a track on electric guitar and other times I get a full band together to play around with.

Your sound, as many artists, is a mix of guitars, electronics and drumming. What are you doing to keep this mixing in check and what do you want to achieve with your sound?

In terms of my sound, I’ve decided to take a different sound path than most artists that I really like to mix with and record with. I wanted this sound more “out there” without mixing or over-miking anything. I like to take a bit of a more “organic” approach to the sound and not mix too much into the track itself. This way I can just let the tracks speak through the music and really emphasize and showcase what they can do. Some of the main features of this sound include (but are by no means limited to):

1) I use very different instruments for each section within the track. When I play a whole guitar solo, I’ll use just one chord melody and guitar sounds from my main guitar collection with the rest being electronic sounds, drum samples, etc. I will then add my vocals later on using samples, which is always a good thing!

2) I try to add the drumming to the track from the beginning of the track. I usually start with my main drum kit from the very beginning of the song, but I can switch things up at

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