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You need to have a lot of patience, practice, and work on it until you reach your true potential. I once learned an E in just under 2 years. I didn’t use an expensive guitar, the guitar used by my sister is still in use, there is no need for a high-end instrument, just take your time to master everything and you’ll reach the point.

The Fender Stratocaster is probably the most iconic guitar ...
What style of music do you play?

Mostly rock and metal, I also played jazz and classical music, but also learned a bit of classical piano (which I’ve never played before).

What’s the story behind your name?

It’s from a childhood friend who wanted to create, this has been my lifelong passion. My real name is Alex. I’ve always had a big passion about making things, ever since I first heard John Lennon’s “Imagine.” So now I’m trying to create things for a living. It started when i was a kid, my friend had a huge woodworking shop and we could not afford a saw at the time. So I started working there for a living.

In addition, I’m an independent artist who has spent thousands of hours in the studio. You want to create from scratch? I can create something that I made!

If you could collaborate with any other artist and do it for the rest of your life, who would it be and why?

It’s easy, I’m a huge fan of Prince. (Prince had a dream). I really enjoyed his music and he gave me some great advice. There are no restrictions and I’m not satisfied, so I need to create something that I’m good enough to enjoy. His fans are some of the most supportive people I’ve ever had.

Which guitar did you start with that went on to become your main instrument?

I started with the Fender Bassman. I loved it from the start, the sound and tone just blew me away. I think I grew up listening to a lot of Blues music. When I started doing the guitar for video game soundtracks I switched to the Roland JC-150. I’ve never liked the Stratocaster. It’s too small and doesn’t give me as much output on the Stratocaster as the Fender Bassman did.

What instrument has been your ‘biggest’ failure in the past year?

In 2009 I did an interview with a German game developer, he talked me into writing one of his games with

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