What key is a guitar in?

You will need a solid body, which has the neck and middle piece made of wood. That means a neck and a middle piece that have the same number of solid grains – this is the number of pieces.

There are plenty of solid body models that don’t have a neck and you can probably find some in the guitar catalog. For that you’ll need a headstock inlayed with a peghead and a fretboard inlayed with a fingerboard inlayed with a fingerboard inlay – this will require two pieces.

For a solid body guitar you can now pick what type of neck you want – there are many more in the guitar catalog. If you want a guitar that is a bit more hollow and has a more low-to-midrange sound, you may want to stick with the neck that comes out of the guitar manufacturer’s website. But for more full-priced models you will need to pick up a set of fingerboard inlays that match the one in the “stock” body, but aren’t made the same way from a factory. These fingerboards are also usually made from materials other than steel, and might not have the same grain structure.

So basically, if you are looking for a solid body guitar and aren’t sure which one you should pick, you’ll need to start with what is available to you, and do your homework.

In the following video I will go over how to pick a fretboard inlay as a beginner.

What is good information to get?

To get good information about guitars you will need to get your hands in the guitar catalogs, talk to friends who play guitars and talk to dealers to see what they have. Look at what they are looking for when selling and keep your eyes open to finding out more about the guitars they sell.

Do you have the right kind of guitar?

There are different types of guitars, and there are different types of guitar makers.

A lot more often than not, a guitar can have the same kind of body, strings and pickups, and the same kind of pickups. That’s a good sign – the guy has done some research and done some more research, and he may know what he’s doing. If the guitar you know and want is different than another model, it’s going to take a little bit longer to get it.

What kind of guitar should I get?

Some people want their guitar to be a little more mellow