What song should I learn on guitar? – Parts Of A Guitar For Beginner

Do you want to know why some guitarists are able to play so well on a guitar that most would be forced to use a synthesiser; or use an electric guitar instead of a piano for their solo?

Have you ever wanted to be a musician with talent and a unique voice?

Then I can help!

All my lessons are designed for both beginner and advanced students. To start studying guitar you need good knowledge in both theory and rhythm, plus a strong grasp on form and technique. You need to have good patience in your study of the guitar and listen carefully to what goes on in your mind as you practice. But that’s a whole other topic, because I can’t talk here what to study. All I can do is make sure you are always learning better. There are a lot of things a beginner needs to know to gain some real appreciation and control over his or her craft. And as a guitar teacher, I help you master each of these and more throughout the process. For example, you might be too afraid of playing “one” note and “hollow” the notes with the guitar. Or you might not have good rhythm and you will have to learn how to play your guitar without being precise or even memorising notes. And you certainly don’t need to study any jazz standards, pop songs or new music as these are some of the most challenging to master and that’s OK.

This website has everything you need to know about guitar and music theory, with a full, step by step course that teaches you not only the skills to take your guitar performances to the next level but also the strategies of playing that can bring you to new places in your learning and your musical development.

I have over 25 years experience in guitar teaching and also have a masters degree in Music, which means I know what I am talking about! So I can teach on all levels from beginner lessons up to advanced courses.

I also provide both personal and professional tutoring services, including soloing (including guitar chords, solos and melodies), jam sessions and live lessons with teachers. And with over 15 years of lessons I am always available to tutor students around the globe.

So if you need to learn or improve your technique or music I don’t see much better than me!

If you have any questions or would like a consultation please contact me and I will be happy to chat you through this website.

If you would like to learn guitar faster and more creatively I would

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