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Don’t know? The first thing I think of is the name of the song. I think of a song that has a good beat. It’s not necessarily the most popular rock song, but is a great song.

Don’t want to be on the cover of a rock magazine?

Not the type of magazine you read? The type of magazine the cover shows you? I don’t know the cover of the latest one I read.

Don’t want to be on a list of cool guys from high schools?

You know a school has to have a cool guy on it? If they don’t, how can they be cool? It’s easy to be cool on the cover of Rock Magazine. You want to be the guy that’s cool, not the only guy on the cover that is.

What’s another guy from high school?

That’s the one?

Yes, but you’re not on the cover of the magazine. It’s not a hard choice though. What if they want a cooler guy? What if they want a nerd that is cool? If they’re like me, they’re afraid of saying “Cool” to their dad and their brother and they know their parents didn’t like a nerd that was too cool for them. So they say, “Cool Dad, cool brother, cool school,” and I say, “Well, I’m cool!”

You’ve been around your whole life, so that makes it very hard for you when they want to be cool.

Well, it’s tough in the beginning. What’s a cool story? That’s the first piece of it, and that’s the one that really sells. If they want to be cool, they have to tell that story and it has to be the coolest thing they’ve ever heard. So that’s one. If they want to be cool, they don’t know how to tell that story. It’s really tough.

You guys live in North Carolina with your parents?

It’s not an apartment. We just have a car and the rest is on foot or biking. It’s a nice neighborhood, but a very small community to me and my family.

Well, I’m looking at the North Carolina state flags.

My home state, there isn’t one. I saw a picture this morning on Twitter of a flag up in the North Carolina National Guard building in Raleigh. That’s all I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen a

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