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Bobby: “Swinging” or “The Way You Make Me Feel,” when you play it in the right time frame. I try to hear that little groove in my head, too.

Mike: “It Makes It Alright” is a really big one. It’s an intro to “Darling Nikki” or something like that; that’s very catchy.

Bobby: That was a fun song to play with the Dead. I have a favorite “Darling Nikki” song. I have a big one called “The Song That Never Was,” a tune where a man gets murdered in the middle of a movie and suddenly it comes on.

Mike: I have a “Darling Nikki” song in my repertoire.

Barry: “Darling Nikki” by the Dead? That is a big one that plays a lot on guitar. The bassline is great, too. The whole guitar tone in there is just good.

Mike: What’s the weirdest song you ever played on a guitar?

Bobby: There’s a lot of that stuff. I played a lot of “Hey Jude” on guitar. “Ace of Spades” is a little different. For ’79 and ’80 I had that song called “Tangled Up In Blue,” but I had never played it live until I got into the band. I got it for free. I thought, “Well, this is interesting, so I’ll probably play it.” But when I played it on the album, I couldn’t play it live. I had to record it. Some of it is really tough to play live.

Mike: “Tangled Up In Blue,” it does sound like a great song; it has that nice blues feel. But “Hey Jude” is one of my favorites because the way it sounds live is so different. It’s a big song that plays different on the acoustic guitar. It’s all about the harmony in it, a little more rockin’ than what it sounds like live. I’ll never forget how I heard a piano solo on that one; when I heard the piano solo on that one, it was like, “Oh, no! I can’t play this part like that, maybe I should give up and play another part!”

Bobby: Yeah, it just sounds so interesting live. It’s kind of tough to play!

Mike: I think the song I really liked was the one on “The Other

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