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When I’m writing this, I’m not going to tell you what the actual words were. Instead I want to share some of my favorite experiences while I was shooting. I hope you enjoy.

A, D and E Chords - Easy Chord Changes Using Anchor ...
My first day shooting a movie in New York City was awesome. My mom came and stayed with me for two months, giving me a great home base and a few months to get to know the city before shooting. I was so psyched to get to shoot.

The shoot was great in all areas. I was in my apartment all day and it felt so familiar. I got to take every shot I wanted. I got to go all over. I got to have fun. I did amazing things. It was just the right amount of fun.

But I wanted to take this other thing with me that I didn’t get back in the states:

I had a really important meeting scheduled about ten days prior to going to the shoot for the part in A Beautiful Mind, and I was doing so many different things throughout the day that the other people in charge had to pull me out of every meeting I had, and then the rest of the crew didn’t have lunch with me when they met me to pack for the shoot and I ended up being in the cafeteria all day. I was so stressed because so many other shit got put on hold that day. I was just a ball of stress. Then, about two weeks before the shoot I got a phone call from my manager, Steve, and I was like, “You have to get me to this meeting by 5-7 at night. I have to meet Steve at his house at 5.” And then later on with another phone call I was like, “Steve, you know that’s not going to happen.” I was so stressed because I was doing so many different things that I wasn’t in charge of. So when I got the call I was like, “What happened?” I had to have the meeting. I had to get back in the routine of

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