Can Photoshop do everything Lightroom can? – Learn Photo Editing Tutorials Painterly Art Work

No! It doesn’t, and I have no doubt that it doesn’t have any of the features that Lightroom has—it isn’t capable of doing the same things as Lightroom. There are a couple of things they have in common. The one thing that Lightroom has that Photoshop does is that it takes great advantage of what the underlying RAW files are capable of doing. Photoshop is a raw image processing application that does great in this regard.

What Lightroom doesn’t do is that it’s a simple image processing application. You can use a number of tools in the Lightroom software to take the right shot—in effect, you have two tools in this regard. There are features, as I just pointed out, in the Lightroom software that make it possible to take good photos. One is a macro tool and one is a HDR tool. Those aren’t the only tools in the Lightroom software.

I like using the HDR. They seem like really cool things that can give you really cool cool looking images. And they are easy to use. I’ve used them many times to make great looking pictures in my own lab and in the field. But then they say, “You can’t have HDR in the RAW file. The image is going to become distorted.” Now I know why it is so easy to edit an HDR image in a Lightroom setting. You don’t even have to go out and do that any more. It is all there.

Here’s another thing that happens in Lightroom. The RAW file that goes into Photoshop can be edited in Lightroom. But since the image is the RAW file, it is much bigger and contains more information than the JPEG file. So when you take the RAW file and make the color adjustments, it takes up a lot more space in the RAW file. Lightroom says, “You can’t have that in the RAW file. The image is going to distort. The image will be too large without all the color adjustments.” Now here is another thing that is also very important in the workflow of most photographers. Photoshop is the image processing application that I use for all my imaging. I use it for everything. As the RAW file is being converted, it is converted into the JPEG. Lightroom is not an image processing application. It is a RAW image processing application. Photoshop is a color management application, much like Lightroom.

So what happens when you make those adjustments to the RAW file or to the JPEG file? It has to be corrected in

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