Can Photoshop remove clothes? – Learn Photo Editing Tutorials Elements Massage Whitefish Bay

Yes, absolutely.

If the clothes are still visible after stripping the image, you can use Photoshop to remove them. But you’ll need several tools to get to where we’re going, including the layer mask tool, the masking tool, and the selection tool. You can find them on the Tools menu – the masking will be easier with the mask tools. You can use the selection tool to place specific areas you just want to remove the layer mask from or use the layer mask to cut off the bottom corner of an image.

The masking tool is particularly useful and useful if you have some high-contrast fabric in the foreground. It can allow you to take out the fabric on the right hand side of your frame and only mask out the top of that fabric. This reduces the amount of work you have to do, and you can see exactly where it was placed.

The masking tool, however, can get tricky. I learned that the best way to remove the layer mask, was to place that mask over the black parts of the fabric on the right, then cut off the top of that fabric. The mask does not cover a full rectangle on the fabric but only a certain area (the white area) of the fabric. This is a problem because if we remove part of the mask (the white area) then we still have a part of the mask to worry about.

The best place to remove this entire layer (white) of mask (in this example, that would be right in the middle of the fabric), is to click on the Mask icon that appears within the Layer Mask area. With this, you can easily control how much or how little the mask shows.

But what if we want to cut out a specific part, like the left sleeve, or the waistband of the waistline of a skirt? We have a problem of some type of background, and as a result we have to remove the entire background or a portion of the background will show.

You can use your selection tool to place parts of the background around the piece of fabric you want to remove. You can see the selected area and its borders. Then you need to cut off that part of the background.

With masking and the masking tool set to cut off the top part of, you can use the Layer Mask area (at the top of the image in the Layers panel. That white region between two elements is the only element the mask doesn’t cover.

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