Do all photographers use Photoshop? – Principles Of Photo Editing

What was the last great thing you did in Photoshop?

Can you explain our site’s layout?

Why did you build our blog?

How many visitors in one month do you get online each day?

If you could get 10 new photos taken of you right now, who would you choose?

What is your favorite photo to use in a photo collage?

Please explain your website layout.

What is your favorite feature on our site?

What do you find most refreshing about our site?

What is your favorite photo style?

What is the one shot from one event that you regret not taking?

What is the strangest photo/visual image that you have photographed?

Why is your website named “The Best Photography Site of the Year”?

Tell us about your favorite photo.

Who are the four types of photographers in your circle of friends?

How far are you from the beach every summer?

When we visit a new city, are we more attracted to the cultural side or do you prefer the beauty and the urban experience?

What do you think makes for great writing? How does it translate to the art community?

Tell us about the photo that captures your love story with a guy.

How do you approach photography in your personal work/projects?

Tell us about a recent photo book shoot for us.

Do you plan to include our newsletter?

What advice do you have for budding photographers?

Where’s your favorite place to take your photo?

You’ve done many “life style” shoots and I can almost hear the sound of someone screaming, “Woooo!!”

Why did you choose these particular subjects?

Tell us about your “before and after” shoots.

Why was that such a struggle for you?

Did you have a dream?

What was the most difficult part of shooting this shoot?

Why did you decide not to use Photoshop more?

Tell us about a few of your friends whom you photograph more than you think they realize.

Will you be blogging more regularly?

Have you decided who your biggest fans are? Do you feel like this list doesn’t reflect your best work?

We appreciate all of the questions! Now it’s time for the Q&A.

Question 1: What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done as

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