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Although Photoshop is not a professional solution for professional color work, it’s worth having and you can be very productive using it and if you want you can save some money on those times you have to pay for the service. We do recommend Lightroom but you can certainly use Photoshop for some types of work if you have a bit of Photoshop skill and an inkjet-driven printer.

What is the best photo management app on iOS?

If you’re a pro photo professional, then you probably own an app on your phone. You probably also prefer the ability of keeping a list of photos on your phone that you can go back to later and delete photos from, if necessary. We’d start with OneNote because it’s free and has a good list of features, but you probably have plenty of storage space and want easy access. But what if you only want a part of the photo collection or just some small parts? An older app may be better—try Photostream, PhotoPills or Photowalk. All of them offer a quick and easy way of finding photos without having to know where to find individual photographs in the various formats.

Are there any other apps that do everything I want in photo management on the iPhone, iPad or even Android?
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Sure! One app, for example, will allow you to browse your photos on your computer or on a smartphone and have them all easily on your phone. Another app is called Browsing Gallery and will let you browse your photos for offline reading; and another is Snapfish, which works just as well as the other apps mentioned here but can be used on a larger device and has an improved look so you can better understand where you’re looking while scanning, e.g., in a book or on a slide show. Another app is the app that allows you to transfer photos from your photo library to your Mac or PC through iTunes, and will allow you to export photos using some of the free and paid photo managers.

Do I need the iPhone 4 or iPad to edit photos?

The ability to edit photos is pretty basic on smartphones, and editing photos from your camera roll on an iPad is even less useful, and there are not many photo managers of iOS that will do these things.

How do I use photo management apps on the iPhone?

If you need to edit photos on your iPhone, iPad or even your Android phone, then there really isn’t much to say. A free app, such as PhotoP

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