Do professionals use Gimp? – Learn Photo Editing Tutorials Painterly Pottery Coupons

Yes they do, a few of us use it daily.

However, when you have a big project and you don’t want the time-consuming of making all your layouts, then it’s worth a shot to check, and try it out!

I haven’t used it a lot – but I have seen some awesome things.

So far my two favorites I have tried on my desktop are gimp-convert-x and gimp-convert-y.

In all fairness, I think both of these programs are great. gimp-convert-y is better for text, and it has a nicer interface than gimp-convert-x (although obviously it isn’t perfect, which I’ll get to shortly).

But again, when you have your desktop up and running you need to be able to keep an open mind and try it out on another computer. It just sounds like a lot of work to me 🙂

But at the end of the day I highly recommend gimp for desktop, and I’ll always refer back to it for images 🙂

Doesn’t it require a separate file?

Most, if not all, image export programs are free (and in some cases paid or subscription based) so there’s no reason not to use them for images.

Gimp and PhotoShop are both good options for the best image editors. But in my own opinion it’s very difficult to export images as the high-res and quality of the original is lost.

However in recent years, even for web work, I’ve seen a lot of web designers start making images by hand, it might not be for everybody, but do it at all times!

If you think it’s really difficult to export, or if it’s your personal preference and there’s no alternative that will make work for everyone, then by all means do it. The benefits are significant and not in any harm to yourself, and of course, it helps the whole community.

A few tips to get into the habit of using Gimp

Go ahead and try it out using it every single day for several days if you can!

You can find plenty of links on the web with the usual suspects and some less common alternatives to save you time and frustration.

Also if you’re on a Mac computer, I’ve found the best option to use a separate application is to create a shortcut to ‘Gimp’ in your startup menu

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