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What tools do they use and how can that affect their workflow?

I’m an author and illustrator with 15 years of working with various Adobe products. I’m also an IT project manager and I am actively using Gimp 2 (freebie included).

I know that there is no standard tool for a non-professional workflow. I am one of those that uses Gimp and other software for more personal and interactive projects than for my professional work.

What is important with Gimp is to understand that it is not a production tool, so you should not get confused over what it can and can’t do. One that works is not the endgame but a starting point.

How can I setup Gimp properly?

If it says Gimp, that means you can use it in a pinch. The best place to start is to download

What is Gimp’s limitations?

Gimp does not support many common tasks – for example: making animated GIFs/animations (not necessary), exporting to different formats (not necessary), etc…

How much does it cost?

With you can do everything that you can with Photoshop including:

importing from any format (PNG,BMP,TIF,JPG,ASCII,RGB),

converting from one image format to another (DNG, JPG),

creating slideshow files by dragging files between frames (SVGs/PSD)

writing and exporting text files containing images/titles,

copying files between computers (SVGs/PSD)

downloading (PDF)


Can I import my own images into Gimp?

Gimp does not have support options for imported image formats, but you can import your own image to Gimp. Check the tutorial below to learn how.

How do I install Gimp in my Mac?

1. Download and install the GIMP executable from

2. From Mac software applications, select the GIMP application

3. Then go to Preferences, then select Mac OS X Applications in the list.

4. Select Applications, then locate GIMP in the list, and click in.

5. Go to Applications -> MacOS X Graphics -> MacGIMP.


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