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Digital images can be manipulated just like those that exist in printed books and films. A camera or digital camera can be set to perform a variety of tricks that result in photographs with some of the following characteristics.
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In some cases it may seem that the camera automatically changes settings to make the photograph appear as if it were taking with a physical lens in the lens. While they are indeed taking a photograph, the camera is adjusting the settings so that the image appears as if the subject is in focus.

In other cases the camera may do this to ensure that the image does not appear at an angle. The camera may also do this to ensure that there is enough light on the subject. Both of these are normal photography techniques used to ensure that the image meets the requirements of the camera’s sensors.

If you can tell the camera to change settings to be ‘fade out’ or ‘zoom in’ in order to allow a particular person or object to appear in focus, then you can assume that it is changing lens settings from a distance to adjust exposure.

If the camera takes an image that includes light rays which are not clearly focused, then it is changing lens settings so that the object appears to move across the image. Again, this is normal photography and can be used to create an image of a moving person.

In a similar fashion, if the camera takes an image that appears to have been exposed at a setting higher than the camera’s sensor can generate, then it may be altering exposure settings so that the subject appears to be in the correct exposure.

If these optical problems cannot be resolved, then digital photography can become an issue. If the image begins to look blurred or washed out you should check the lens. A lens may have problems with exposure adjustment.

However there are some instances where a digital camera can be manipulated without any optical problems. Many people who use digital cameras find that the image that comes out is not as sharp as the image that was taken. The subject may appear distorted, distorted or blurred in the photograph. A digital camera can be adjusted to compensate for these issues by adjusting camera settings before taking the picture. However a digital camera may be set to distort the image of someone, object or landscape to ensure that it looks sharp.

If the image has been altered by using digital manipulation techniques then they can be an extremely dangerous distraction to anyone involved in the photograph.

Are digital cameras illegal?

No. The most you can get from a digital

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