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Photo editing is not available on the iPhone. There are apps, however, that you can download to your iPod or iPhone for free.

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The first time Sarah Smith came across a dead body in her neighbourhood, she was on her way to her job. At the time, she didn’t see anybody dead. She was on her way to the train station to get the train home.

But on November 11, 1998, when she was 20, Smith went to a house in Richmond’s Southdale neighbourhood to investigate a disturbance. When she arrived, the house was filled with blood. She discovered the body covered in plastic.

“I knew right away that this might be someone’s child, so I was immediately scared to death,” Smith recalled.

“No more blood, just an awful lot of plastic.”

Then, when she was looking for clues of the body, she spotted what looked like a child’s toy.

“I thought the dead child was going to be found next to the toy. So I pulled out the toy and saw the legs of a baby, so when I saw the legs in a body like that, I was just in absolute shock.

“They were tiny, little legs.”

A police officer came on the scene and took a photo of the body. He sent it to Smith, who called the hospital. Soon, people started to notice the same dead boy, dressed in his clothes and holding a plastic toy.

He didn’t look like the dead boy Smith saw in her neighbourhood. He was the other person who died that day.

“It was hard to see them in such a horrible situation because it’s hard to see something that’s just a tragedy, like when someone is in a car crash or having a heart attack and you are the last to know, but it was very clear that this person would die that day.”

The bodies

Smith and the hospital confirmed that each was a male between 14 and 17 years old and had lived in the same house for less than a month.

Police would later find dozens of unidentified remains, but few matched the description of the child found

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