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To clear anything on your photo you will need to use the same tool as you use to remove the background in Photoshop.

Click Image > Copy image > Paste image > Image Path > Import from File.
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The former U.S. Attorney for the D.C. suburb of Falls Church, Virginia, is accused of having an explicit discussion with a high-ranking Justice Department official during an April meeting.

The Federal Law Enforcement Agent Association is filing a lawsuit Monday (Feb. 19) against U.S. Attorney Dana Boente, alleging that his office violated the organization’s constitution in its actions after the meeting with Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The association alleges its members had the right to participate in any discussion of the AG’s policies — even ones that don’t involve their profession.

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The lawsuit, brought by attorney Michael Moritz, also cites the association being asked to “provide a review of certain actions of the Office of Legal Counsel,” which is meant to “protect the legal profession and promote respect for our legal system.”

The lawsuit alleges that the Justice Department “acted in bad faith and with reckless disregard for the rights of plaintiffs and the legal profession.”

Moritz, an attorney who graduated from Yale Law School in the 1980s, works as director of the Law Enforcement Legal Protection Foundation, a self-described “not for profit corporation” that has assisted law enforcement officers.

While the FBI in the 1980s was criticized by the DOJ over an FBI operative, James Comey, using the foundation to funnel donations to his political career, the foundation has since evolved into a nonprofit organization.

“My understanding from the complaint is that if one of these agents or associates of these agents had an inappropriate meeting with these officials, they were violating their duty to the association,” Moritz told The Washington Examiner.

“They’re supposed to have respect for this institution and they should be treating people the way they treated them as employees if they’re acting like the attorney general. I just don’t see how that has ever happened,” he said.

The former U.S. Attorney for the D.C. suburb of Falls Church, Virginia, is accused of

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