How do I edit photos on my Android phone? – Learn Photo Editing Tutorials Elements Of Art Worksheet

For Android, open the gallery/photos application. From this app, select Photos > Edit Pictures. Your Android phone has no photo editing app in there. Select Photos > Edit Pictures > Photos > Add New > Edit .

For iOS, go to your Photos app, select Photos > Photos, then choose Edit pictures to begin editing your photos

Note: If you’re unable to find the gallery/photos application, you may need to look at your device’s Help app.

When I’m editing pictures, it’s not displaying them properly in the gallery

Make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi and your phone’s cellular connection.

Ode to Gustav Klimt - Corel Discovery Center

What is a Google Account?

Your Google Account is a user account that allows you to access information in Google services (such as Google, Gmail, YouTube, and others). Your Google Account ID is your personal, unique identifier that is used both for authenticating you and making purchases on Google services from a mobile device.

Google Account requires a mobile phone for basic functions – photos and videos only. You’re more likely to use an email account with your Google Account as your primary account.

(This article appeared in the May 2013 issue of the magazine.)

When the first commercial jet to land on North American soil launched from Detroit on May 4, 1963, it came with three “promising” slogans: “Welcome to a new era in aviation.”

The first two were intended only for local radio listeners and TV-watchers – but what if someone in California wanted his or her own one?

A new American plane would give people all over North America the first-hand experience of the kind of freedom we take for granted today.

By 1965, just three years after the first jet took to the air, the U.S. Air Force had decided to buy more than 400 jets and begin delivering them on scheduled commercial flights.

The idea was to give people in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico the ability to fly wherever they wanted without having to take a day to get there. As it was a government operation, it would operate in coordination with local governments and airlines, but eventually would require a private sector to provide flights.

One of the first things that was developed was the passenger service.

The F-104 Starfighter

The first commercial passenger jet – nicknamed the “Comet” – was a joint project of the Air Force and the Air Transat Company (now called Trans

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