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If you’re not very good at photography, there are apps for iOS that can do this for you. You basically plug in an iPhone or an Android device and take a photo and then export it (which you can open up in most photo editing apps so you can change tones, effects).

You can always buy a photo editing app that you can use to get the best results for your project, but I’ve found that when it comes to photo edits, you really only need one camera of your phone. I don’t even think you should shoot the photos with more than one camera to avoid some of the weird distortions and artifacts.

When are mobile photo editing apps going to hit the market?

With the advent of cameras like the iPhone, and the proliferation of devices that can shoot and take images, the market for mobile photo editing will explode in 2015. And as smartphones become more prevalent, that market will start to expand.

How do I set up and run my mobile photo editing app?

It’s really just as easy as picking up a camera, shooting your photos, and exporting them. All of the apps that I reviewed for this post (in addition to my free photo editing apps) all come with a set of presets that you can use to take control of your photo editing project.

If you need a basic guide to making your photos look good, check out this post I wrote on setting up a basic photo editing app.

Can you tell me any other apps I should check out, too?

The Android and Nokia Lumia camera apps are amazing (as is Nokia’s photo tools, which are great as well). I also really love the iPhone version of Instagram Photo Editor.

If you’re looking for professional photo editing software, check out The Photo Editor. The app is an awesome tool that’s designed to let you take creative and creative photos.

You could also check out Photo Zoom, which you can run on a phone or PC while watching videos or browsing your photos. And the only real downsides are that the iOS app doesn’t support all features of the Windows Phone/Android apps, such as HDR processing, HDR effects, and automatic exposure lock.

What do you think of the photo editing apps you reviewed? What’s the best one for me? What apps are the best overall for editing photos on your phone? Tell me what you think in the comments.

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