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Well, you have your photos, but sometimes it just doesn’t work the way you’d hoped the app would work…or the way you wanted it to…I’ll tell you the story behind this.

After some research I discovered that when you look inside an iOS device you can see just about every file that it has, including pictures, and you can download a specific picture from there (you can check that on Google Images, Google’s image library).

I also read that when the camera opened a picture of an old girlfriend, I could upload it onto my iPhone. I’ve never done that, so I uploaded it onto YouTube and it worked nicely.
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My girlfriend was having a day out, so I didn’t want to spend the whole afternoon searching for photos, so I decided to just take some random pictures (no special action, nothing too crazy like setting the camera straight on).

Then I got the picture from the gallery that my boyfriend had uploaded, and the picture I had chosen from the gallery wasn’t there. So I found her new picture on YouTube and played it for her. She was in a party with her friends. I have no idea how she got that image.

I could take a pic like this whenever, because it’d be the quickest way to find a nice photo with a group of people. But if she had a picture that was a little more private that I had chosen from the gallery, well, it could still be accessed.

The only thing I had to do was wait for her to return from a trip somewhere. After she returned from her trip, I could upload it.

I’ve been wanting to make it work like this, because I’m not sure I want to spend hours trying to get pictures from everywhere on my phone. You can open files that way, but for me, it simply wouldn’t work.

Fortunately, there was an iOS app in the App Store that worked almost exactly like this, in this one application called Photo Organizer.

Before I get into this, do me a quick favor and read this book from the very talented David Siegel. It’s a great book. It’s worth the read on its own. Then you’ll understand why I don’t like iOS file access.

So, you’ve found your new picture from YouTube, you took it back home, you’re ready to upload it to your blog.

On the blog page, click on Upload to your blog. If you’re

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