How do you do basic photo editing? – Basic Photo Editing Tips

To save up to 30% more time editing photos, we recommend the following workflow.

1. Remove noise.

The average noise level in a photo is around 3.5%. If the light is high (about 1260* to 1400* cd) and the photographer is taking photos in an ideal environment with low light, less than 1 pixel or one block can have significant noise. The average lens distortion is around 6.8%.

You can reduce the noise by:

Using a bright light when shooting to reduce lens distortion, or

Using a bright subject in the frame in low light to reduce lens distortion, or

Wearing sunglasses in low light.

2. Select the best exposure and then tweak the tonal balance.

Before you shoot, look at your photos to check the tone balance and adjust accordingly.

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For example, to get the same lighting and exposure as using a daylight balanced lens, add a flash of red or white and turn off the color balance.

Don’t select the wrong exposure. If you use too much or too little light, the image quality will suffer (see photo editing below).

3. Adjust the exposure and color balance from the settings window.

Your exposure setting is the number below:

When working in auto, use the exposure setting that minimizes the noise you get from the camera.

You can use the color settings like yellow, white, red, yellow, white, orange. The orange should be dark enough that your photo is not washed out, so if you select the orange in an image with a greenish tint, the green will be washed out in some way.

When working in manual, you will have to select the correct exposure in order to save the best possible result and get a great color rendition. This is done by going through the settings section and using the settings below to adjust the exposure.

Please note that some features like automatic focus/shutter and the color wheel may not be available.

4. Adjust the image composition and crop.

To create a better image, you can crop the photo to improve tonal balance by increasing the sharpness of the subject.

You need to crop the photo in two parts, to produce a larger image that better matches its composition. Please see photo editing above.

Use a photo editing program to make your photos better. Photoshop may not provide the tonal balance and sharpness you need to

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