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One thing that I do is create different layers of water and create images that show how the water is being moved. I’ll use different kinds of water for different kinds of events and that’s how I’ll create the different elements.

So now I have a lot of water that looks really good, but in the editing I want to make it look professional.

One thing I do is I can shoot with a tripod, but I am not going to have a tripod on the beach because that’s just not my style to use it to shoot. I will do my best to edit it with a monopod on a tripod, and I really like that idea.

Do you have a favorite photographer who influenced your style?

I love James Burrows because he’s so consistent and gives so many different types of images. Even though they look really different he is always consistent.

I actually look at James’s photos and then I look to see what I can incorporate. So, I’ve gotten really comfortable editing with my hands and have been editing with my hands for a long time.

It’s interesting that you have two types of style to choose from!

I actually like the idea of having a wide range of images. I have always been a little different. I guess there’s something about me being a very adventurous girl. So my style is also different! But I always shoot a little bit harder because I like that idea.

A couple of times a week, I will shoot my friends, and I’ll probably do one of them a few times a week. So if I have a few friends I definitely have that as a hobby.

Is there anything you would like to add?

I actually found this photo where he seems to be looking into the horizon and I think that was the best place for the shot. It’s just really nice, because I am shooting all the time on camera. Every time I get a picture I feel like it deserves to be on the internet.

Are there any photographers you would love to work with and have worked with previously? Any of them you would give advice to?

Not yet on the list! But, I will never forget a story from before. I went to see The Lion King and I was waiting for him on the train and I was taking pictures with the phone out and suddenly I had this look on my face saying “Oh my god. Oh my god”. This is one of my favorite films ever

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