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I thought you had learned by now that your technique doesn’t matter much. What is more irritating is that your pictures are all the same, but yours are “more” professional-looking and beautiful. I don’t know how to fix this situation. The fact that the pictures are all the same doesn’t really mean anything. I think it is better to make the picture as realistic as possible. Even though the pictures are only supposed to look the same as in your original image, a better shot does not necessarily mean a better picture. The pictures have to have the same background. In my next post, I shall talk about the process of taking the picture, and we shall compare one “professional” portrait with another. Until then, if you are one of those girls who would love to get a better picture without spending a lot of money, then please visit my website and I will be happy to offer you some additional advice as well. I hope we can have more fun together. And a final farewell to everyone. I will have more to talk about in the next few weeks. Good luck. Reply Delete

Thank you! It’s a nice question because i see people say how they can get the look they want with little effort… and it is not a “must”, but what I really want is to be able to choose whether i make myself and the others in the photo stand out by what they’re wearing or not because I like different kinds of clothes. In your pictures, are you wearing a dress or not? I’m just trying to be honest 🙂 Reply Delete
Hi. The dress is a very simple green dress, I prefer a very simple dress. The shoes are an ivory. The clothes and boots are all I bought. The shoes are very nice indeed. Thank you! 🙂 Reply Delete
What a question. My question concerns how you take good pictures. If you can, get an expensive camera, with a huge number of filters. For example the Canon EOS 100D, the 35mm f/2.8T IS. It’s a great camera! So you get so much light and the results are much nicer than a digital camera, which I believe you could get for the same amount of money (if at all) with a less expensive digital camera. I would say a better camera would be the EOS 7D, but it has a lot of compromises – it has no built-in flash. My best result on the camera from the 70’s, was the Kod

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