How do you remove clothes from Iphone photos? – Learn Photography

Here you have two questions:

When is the photos deleted from the photos album (if applicable)? If not, where does it go (or if it’s deleted, is there a way to restore it, to undo it?).

The answer to the first question is:

In the event photos are deleted from the Iphone Photos folder, they will not disappear automatically, but rather will be deleted one by one over time. So, you need to delete each photos separately before moving on to the second question.

How to remove apps from the photos folder (if applicable)

This issue is only applicable to some of the Iphone apps, while it’s not true for other Iphone apps. The app(s) need to be downloaded from the official Google Store.

Here you have two questions:

After deleting an app, how do you restore it if the backup is missing/stuck or does not work correctly?

For apps that are not available for Android (and hence are not available for the free version of Photos) there is no way to restore their contents.

So: when a photo is deleted (or is changed from your device), please download the necessary APK from the Google Store (but only for the one app).

How to restore apps and settings from Iphone photos folder (if applicable)

As described below, restore your Iphone photos from the iTunes backup folder.

Note: Photos will never be deleted from your photos/videos/music folder again, even if you restore those apps.

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For photos app that is not available for iOS (and hence is not available to the free version of Photos) the restore process will not work as it requires you to use the Photos app from the iOS store. So: restore all apps from the Photos iOS store. To begin with your iPhone may be able to be restored from the Apple store, so you’ll have to restore the apps from there.

However, apps that require the iOS support in order to restore are also available on iOS store, so you will have to purchase them.

If you do not have the necessary apps to do a restore, you can always try the Iphone Photos app.

Here you have two questions:

The Photos app will not show any options while you are on the restore page. However, you can select, restore and restore the rest of your photos if necessary.

What do I do when I restore

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