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When someone tells me I have “eye bags” they’re lying.

I had this one photo that looked good with a bag that did not fit properly. It was not the camera, the lighting, the angle at the camera that made it look better, it was the bag itself, the angle of the bag.

There are so many things that can go wrong with a shot like that.

When it’s shooting in low light, when the camera is low, or when the subject is moving quickly, it’s not hard to mis-compose objects.

What kinds of things do you look for in an image?

Mostly, it’s the texture, the look, and the mood. The colors and patterns tell me that it should be an evening scene or a wedding.

I’m interested in textures, colors, or patterns that convey a mood or a time.

Why doesn’t the world look like this in reality? A lot of people would argue that it does.

There are people who can recreate the world and there are many who can’t, because of the restrictions of the camera and/or its limitations.

The way I see it is that there is more than one way of looking at the world, the way you see it depends on how you have seen it first. When I watch it on my computer at night, I’m just seeing the shadows that have been cast by the sun. In the morning, I’ll look at it in much different terms, which is when I can see the textures, textures, and colors in ways that are much more precise to the image. I look through different angles because I’m not trying to duplicate the effect of that first exposure. I’m actually trying to see the image in different ways, from different angles so that the world is not in a kind of flat, uninteresting state.

Is “pixels” a word?

I don’t think so, really, but it’s an interesting term. When we first started using light painting in the 80’s, there was an amazing amount of confusion about what the use of the term was. Did it refer to photography, did it refer to computer printing, etc. At some point people just called it a technique, so there was a lot of misunderstanding. I think our usage of the term was just to distinguish itself from the other light painting techniques we were trying to compete against at that time.
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