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First of all, you’re doing yoga on your own – you’re taking off everything including your clothes.

You can find more information on this topic on The Yoga Network site, and you can ask them questions on their forum.

They also have videos on the Yoga Network website that will help put you in asana even if you don’t want to learn the techniques first.

If you’re ready, here’s a little more about the different stages of our bodies in terms of recovery from a yoga experience:

The body recovers from yoga quite slowly. In most cases, it’ll take only a few weeks between sessions after which you feel much better. It’s important to know when to begin, because yoga will help keep the body in one place for a long period of time, allowing it to heal and become more resilient. If you’re taking on an intense practice, you’ll need to have certain recovery tools at hand.

When do and when shouldn’t you have a rest?

Most people in recovery never need to rest. There’s no way to know when the body is ready to relax and take a break. It depends on your recovery from yoga – your own physical and emotional state, whether you’re used to working out, how long the yoga session is, and what your recovery tools are. Remember, this will make a big difference if you take on a new activity or if you have a hard time adjusting to a new routine.

If you do need to rest, here’s something to remember:

You’re not supposed to rest to avoid a physical injury. If an injury happens, it is your responsibility to heal and return to the flow of yoga so you can perform at an increased level. It’s up to you to know when it’s time to rest.

But don’t fret if you know it’s coming. That may be because, like me, you’re not used to being rested. Many people say they can’t rest because yoga makes them feel like crap until they reach their destination – so don’t worry too much if you know you’ll stop yoga.

Remember, if you don’t get through the yoga session, don’t panic. You’re not supposed to try and skip it, and your body will likely continue healing until you can return.

If you do get to the point of stopping yoga, remember not to give up, because you can begin a new practice right away, with a new body. And, it’s not

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