How long does it take for an editor to edit a book? – Learn Photography

I’m guessing it varies depending on your project. The shorter it is, the longer it is going to take to do the edit. I will suggest that for a book that doesn’t need as much editing to put on, like a book about the Beatles, then I’d say a very simple editor may do it in about 4 weeks from the time you get it into the printer. It depends on what projects the editor is assigned to. If she is working on one project exclusively then you may want to let it be for another year or so before sending it out on for other editors.

Do you prefer to have an editor who’s a member of an industry association on board? Or is there too much interference?

I can accept that if I have someone who knows a bit about their subject, or even knows how I got into it, then I’ll be fine. I think that’s kind of the whole point of working on a book. To get your own voice heard and get opinions from other people who know the subject more than you do. However, I have had several editors say things like “you’re not using your full-time job for what you are doing”. I will also add that the more someone is involved in the process, the more biased they will become. I am not a big fan of other people working for me on a book; I am a big fan of other people doing the work. Just because they have other jobs doesn’t mean they will never have to think about their responsibilities while working on it. To that extent I will be keeping a tight leash on other people, but on the other hand I’m glad they are on board.

How do you manage the logistics of getting a book into a book store or e-book store?

I work with a group of retailers who are very knowledgeable about e-book and booksellers who are knowledgeable about e-reading. I get to talk to a lot of publishers and people in the industry; I love this. I am often with several people a week at book signings to work out questions and keep things on track. There are a couple retailers who send me books of their own for me to look at, but this is all a balancing act between those who want to get copies of their book into stores, and those who are trying to be honest about the book, while also trying not to annoy the stores that are working with me. For example, I can’t go into a Barnes & Noble, because that is

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