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In case you don’t know, Book Editor works on a freelance basis. It is the job of a professional editor to make sure your content fits the book format to deliver it to the best of their ability. It doesn’t cost anything.

To make a payment, you send a book to the company and request a check for $300. If the company agrees, the book is created and ready to be sent to an editor for approval.

How much does it cost to edit books? How much does this cost me?

Every book will cost you $150 to edit first, but the editing time depends on the story’s length and the type of edits you have to make. If you’re only editing a short story, you could get the job done in an hour or less. If the work is big, editors may charge you several hundred dollars.

Are there any editing requirements?

You need to be able to write concisely, so you will need to know some grammar to make your work flow smoothly and easily. If your story is short or doesn’t have an explicit beginning and end, you can edit it yourself without a professional.

What is the process I need to follow in order to get a book edited?

There are no real hard and fast rules, so here are some guidelines and tips. You should check out some of the reviews to see what kind of work comes from a given company.

Make sure you submit the cover yourself. We offer a free cover template so that you can get our attention. It’s the first step in making you stand out from all the other editors.

You can edit and write without a professional, but you need some professional to look after the process.

You will need at least three months to make changes and get your book published. Once the book is published, the process doesn’t stop because there are so many things that have to be done. You may not be making changes to the end, you may need to delete parts, alter words (or leave everything as they are), or add a chapter. Once all the important elements are covered, it’s ready to be sent to a writer for review. If they agree, it’s sent to an editor. A few days later, you can expect a call or an email. After approval, you will have the book ready for printing and distribution to print homes and on digital reading devices. Then it’s time to get the book in the hands of the readers

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