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The most advanced photography tool we know, Lightroom (lpr2) is an essential tool for developing, editing, importing and rendering any sort of photograph. It lets you create, store, import, convert, print and save your images for years to come. If you are serious about photo and you have the time, we think Lightroom is well worth the investment. Lightroom 2.8.5 is out now and includes over 100 new photo enhancement and editing features.

2.6.3 Fixes a bug with certain filters that causes the app crash.

2.6.2 Adds a quick-search in the settings page where you can search by category – and now you can also filter by the type of image that you are taking.
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2.6.1 Fixes a bug that causes Lightroom to crash for some customers – and if you’ve set up your filters right, you will not see these crashes.

2.6.0 Lightroom 6 for Mac is now available. If you still have Lightroom 5.3, get the most recent update (5.4 should also work).

The big changes in this version are:

– Lightroom is now built for the modern world.

– We made it easy to share your Lightroom prints (via email, email list, Facebook).

– Import and export images are now easier to manage.

– Quickly view your photos and create a quick edit for your favorite photo.

– Many more ways to import Lightroom images.

You can download Lightroom 6 for Mac from the Mac App Store. A free trial is required to try out Lightroom. You can find us on Twitter or Facebook – @macphotoshop with the hashtag #macphotoshop. If you like Lightroom we recommend checking out some of these other apps we love – We have a few of our favorites (such as photo editor photo editing apps and image filters).

2.5.9 Fixes a crash that happens when you try to import images from other apps that use the ‘Open in Lightroom’ feature. This should fix all cases where images in your Lightroom library could be corrupted. If you have any problems with Lightroom 6 for Mac we recommend you upgrade to Lightroom 6.

2.5.8 Fixes the “Export to EXIF instead of JPEG” bug causing some photos to be exported with EXIF headers from some apps.

2.5.7 Fixes a

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