How much should I charge for a 1000 word article? – Learn Photo Editing Reviews On Air

I’m not sure. Perhaps I’ll be able to charge more per word or a less per word. I just need to see what’s out there.

Can I pay more than it’s selling for?

You can.

It has a listing on Amazon, so you can do that. I don’t really get it. I’ll try to figure it out

What’s the difference between a paid and paid review on Amazon?

Some have tried to explain it to me (it’s the same thing, really), saying that Amazon does the reviews first — they use your rating for that, then you get paid if they sell your product to them. If you’re on the top of their list of paid reviewers, and you do a lot of good reviews, they might just bump you up on their pay list.

Does this mean I have to take a position when I’m reviewing Amazon products?

Sometimes. I can’t tell you how many other people I know who started out as unpaid reviewers. Some reviewers will get paid, and some won’t.

Do I really have time to do a 1000 word review when I work full time?

I work for free. I work a lot — it’s actually good for me being able to cover more things.

Some people may think it’s not worth doing because if I’m being paid for it, I’ll never be able to pay my bills without it. But I’d say that being a little paid to do something other than work for Amazon is worth it; it allows you to spend more time doing stuff you would not even consider doing otherwise. I’ve used it as a way to pay rent and buy food, to take pictures, etc. You might not agree, but you could very well be a different person if you were paid for something like this.

If I’m paid for it, am I obligated to cover more things than it’s selling for?

If you’re going the paid route then there’s usually no limit on how much you are going to do, and the only thing is you have to make sure it’s still good, and you do it well. I’ve already described how I’m going to do 500 words on a product if I have less free time available than other reviewers.

It’s probably not worth it for every product you review. But a lot of people make the mistake thinking that if they put their head down and put in the time, they can get paid

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