How much should I charge for a 1000 word article?

We’ll tell you exactly how much you should charge and also whether it is right for your business.

Are there any special charges for writing articles?

There are no special charges for written articles.

What’s the difference between this and the traditional magazine?

You’ll discover which business magazine is right for your needs and how to choose the best one.

Who has more content?

Every year at V-Day we provide a list of the most influential business leaders and influential authors throughout the world. This year we have chosen the 50 most influential business leaders and authors in the world. This includes the 50 biggest influencers from the past year, the top business experts and influencers from all over the world.

What do the top 100 business influencers have in common?

The top 100 influential business influencers have had a direct impact on billions of people.

You can read the top 100 business influencer article on Forbes

What is a social media expert

Who do they help?

Social media experts have been called the “new celebrity doctors” by Forbes. This is because, instead of spending their time focusing on their medical training and practice, the experts spend their time developing their social media profiles and content, and improving their audience connections.

How much do they charge?

To date there are no fees for a social media expert. We charge a flat fee that you can set aside. There is, however, one fee for each influencer they work with. The influencer fees vary based on an individual’s experience and the complexity of the content.

You’ll notice that these influencers charge for the work you do on their site.

Do they promote your brand?

Not exactly, although social media specialists do have a reputation for promoting their own brands and services. But this is due to a big problem — a lot of those influencers have hundreds if not thousands of their own followers, people who will pay attention to and share your content.
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What is a content strategist and social media expert supposed to do?

As you can see in the infographic below, social media specialists often focus on creating content with a specific purpose. When they put content together for specific audiences, they can create a brand’s “perfect” content. They can create content to appeal to specific audiences at specific times. This can include using hashtags and topics, sharing relevant content on a specific social network, creating and delivering compelling content