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In this case we had both the time and the computer to do much of the editing. The only thing that was really tricky about it was that we had to adjust the exposure at times.

Did you try and edit yourself?

Yeah, obviously it was tricky because my hands were so slow, but we did a lot of editing ourselves, which turned out to be better for the final product.

When did you decide to do it yourself?

It was really during the production of the first film. The first film was done with an expensive camera-handling method and as it turned out I didn’t have an optical editor to help me out. The second one was done using the digital editing. And then I was thinking about doing a film with the camera-handling process but after looking at a lot of other filmmakers’ work I just didn’t think I was good at it. So the camera-handling process turned out to work really well in this film.
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Did the editing process at all affect your production?

Not at all, really. It had a profound effect on our film because it gave us a chance to do this more creative thing with a lot of different angles. In the beginning we did all our editing using the digital processing tools, then we realized for us, and the director’s vision, we really needed a more artistic editing process. It was not really our intention to break the fourth wall of the film, but a lot of the footage was shot in various rooms and other angles that you couldn’t see in the traditional format. So then, we had a lot of moments that you couldn’t see, but we had great opportunities to use these unusual angles, but it was really more about the overall editing.

So in terms of how you did it yourself: You came up with the concept and the design for the film, and then you went to work at it?

Yeah, in a way it was a lot like creating an album with a lot of ideas, and it gave us the chance to make a lot of different choices. Then once we went to the editor’s office we really wanted to be as efficient as possible and to use as much processing power from there.

How did you come up with the idea of going all out with visual effects?

It was very personal and the idea was born in the studio and we just went with it. This was the point where we decided to really go the route of making an interactive

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