Is gimp as good as Photoshop? – Creating Cartoon Characters In Photoshop

That depends. A good gimp is capable of a lot of things that can’t be done in Photoshop including:

1D and 2D animation

3D animation

CGI animation


Audio editing


Graphics modeling

3D animation

Ansel tools

You can choose different tools for different purposes, from the usual toolset of Gimp to various interactive ones.

How can an image editor replace Photoshop and give my pictures a look that’s closer to the original?

One of the main reasons why I bought an external computer, was to have a free alternative to Photoshop (or any image editing program). With Gimp you can’t do all your photo editing on a desktop and instead have it all in one program. What does that mean for a photo editor?

A photo editor has to have a lot more functionality to deal with pictures than a desktop program, for one, the size and complexity of a program is usually inversely proportional to the amount of features it has. This makes a photo editor capable of doing a lot of tasks and having the same speed requirements that a desktop program does. As such, it can be faster than the software you’re working on.

download Photoshop CS5 All In One for Dummies by dtdfgt7uerdfhc ...
This doesn’t mean that you can’t create a photo editor that’s optimized for a certain task. If you’re designing a photo book, for instance, then you can make it easier to manage different layers and to switch between them by making them draw on one each other and then move them around on the layers.

What kind of photo editing software do you recommend?

If you were to decide which photo editing program would look best for you, you have a couple things to consider:

1. How much flexibility are you going to accept?

Some photo editing programs will allow you to do pretty much everything and a few will leave a lot to be desired. As such, you may want to choose the one that has the most controls that you would need. If you decide that you can get by with a few tools, then it may be easier to use the more complete programs.

2. How comfortable are you with the technology?

You should have a good understanding of how the tools work so that you can make the final decision. For instance, if I have to edit images on a desktop system, I don’t care if I have Photoshop or Gimp. What really makes me anxious and anxious is when I need to

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