Is Krita better than gimp?

Sure, it is, but it does have some unique features. For instance, it supports large, non-image-based images in layers without losing the integrity of the image. It has support for SVG, and so on, and a full set of tools. If you plan to do any kind of 3D printing, Krita is definitely worth a try.

If you have not already learned Krita, go ahead. It is an awesome program with great features, that will make any 3D designer happy.

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Image caption The government has said the programme was intended to bring about better relations between ethnic communities

An estimated one million Chinese have been allowed home since the new government was elected.

The Home Office says the scheme was intended to bring about better relations between ethnic communities.

The Chinese have been given free movement and are already given preferential treatment in the UK government.

But there will be restrictions to see which organisations can provide help to those brought back to the UK.

“This is not immigration policy,” Home Office minister James Brokenshire told MPs. “This is about trying to see if the benefits can be achieved without alienating communities.”

Earlier this year, the government was accused of a lack of transparency after it said that only about 500 people had been forced out of the UK since the election, and less than 20 had their visas cancelled for being unlawfully present. In response, Labour claimed the figure was lower.

“It is hard to get a handle on how many people have been repatriated to mainland China, and to be honest, the figures given to me by the home ministry – 500 versus 20 – doesn’t have any credibility,” Mr Brokenshire told MPs.

He insisted that the programme had “no connection to the issue of human rights”.

But his comments were rejected by David Saker, the director of campaign group the China Campaign, which opposes the Chinese “xenophobic” policies.

‘Not much hope’

Mr Saker told reporters: “This is not immigration policy, this is political correctness and it is the opposite of what David Cameron and Angela Merkel have been saying for years.

“There is a real failure in this policy to engage with those who are not here legally or illegally. People will lose trust in the system if they are not part of it.”

But Home Office spokesman Nick Freeman said there had been little impact on Chinese communities in the UK.