Is Lightroom Classic going away?

Yes. The Lightroom Classic is no longer supported. It will work with the following camera models (unless noted otherwise):

Canon EOS 6D (D610)

Canon EOS M5 Mark II

Nikon D800E

Nikon D800

Sony A7 series

Sony A7R

Sony A7R II

Sony A7S

Sony A7S II

So for now, do not rely on the Lightroom Classic. Instead look into professional grade software like Lightroom.

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But if you aren’t in Europe, how can I use the lightroom app across my devices?

There are two versions of Lightroom:

Lightroom Classic has had a long life and is supported on many devices through the app, but for most users the app will work with it.

Lightroom Pro is the new Lightroom for Mac with support for iOS 10. Lightroom is also available for Windows 8 and on a few different Linux distributions with unofficial patches.

If you are new to the mobile lighting workflow, you may find it an overwhelming number of features, especially considering your iOS device already has similar software. On the other hand, if you already use mobile lighting and wish to stay current on the latest best tools on iOS, we’d highly recommend the Lightroom Classic.

If you’re on OS X, but are interested in Lightroom’s mobile counterpart, you can use Lightroom Pro for iOS in the Mac App Store, or purchase a paid version through our Apple and Mac partners from iTunes

You can also buy a professional package that comes with the Lightroom Classic and Mac Pro.

Can I download Lightroom Classic from the Lightroom website? Is it an upgrade?

No. If you are the new Lightroom user and you just have any problems, see the troubleshooting guide.

Is there an iOS App to use Lightroom Classic?

Yes. Lightroom Classic can be downloaded from the Lightroom website on iOS, and on Android.

Do you recommend the Lightroom Classic?


What type of lighting is ideal for Lightroom Classic?

If you need something custom designed for your lighting, you can check out our Lightroom Pro package.

If you are someone who knows his or her own lighting, you can contact us and we can help you find what you are looking for.

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