Is Photoshop free for Windows 10?

It’s unlikely – Photoshop is not free for Windows 10 and the only way to get it is to purchase a licence.

A Photoshop license cost £6.99 and was limited to one copy per user per PC.

However the software was made free by Microsoft in May, making it more available than it was previously in the form of a Windows Insider licence that could be used by anyone who has bought an Insider Preview build.

What’s the big deal about Photoshop?

While you’re free to use it you may also come across issues of privacy.

Some photographers like to have access to the entire file for their images after it’s done for them or, at times, after it’s been shot.

You can only access that image once your photo is uploaded, so you may need to make adjustments or download the original.

If you upload a file that contains someone else’s content (like photos for wedding or wedding dress photography), or if your images have any additional information added, you’d want to make a copy before it’s uploaded.

Photoshop can also be used by organisations such as a wedding photographer to organise their photos or by wedding photographers to share those photos.

What does this mean for you?

With the help of some of the best Adobe Photoshop users in the world – including the community that’s been built around the service over the past two years – we’ve looked at the pros and cons of using Adobe Photoshop as a digital photographer.

You can buy Adobe Photoshop online or download and install a developer version that will enable you to use Photoshop on Windows 10. You’ll need to add a licence to your Windows 10 account once you get that and it’s one that is limited to a single device per user per PC.

This might be a decision that depends on whether you like the option of editing images offline or if you want to be able to upload them without restrictions.

For more details on the pros and cons of using Photoshop for your own portfolio, check out our previous articles, including: How to buy the Windows 10 Anniversary Update or the Fall Creators Update for free.

Will Adobe Photoshop on Windows 10 be free?

As it stands, we’re hearing the word from Adobe that Windows 10 will not be free of charge, with the company being cautious about giving a definitive figure as the free version will only offer the limited functions it needs at present to be used as a development environment with professional-quality image editing