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Not really. They’re good for finding things that people might never notice that you need such as:

Budget Bags:

Dian Anggraini - Operational Service Lead - Measured ...
A simple pocket where you can store essentials in.

A place where you can put your credit, travel documents, or phone when in transit.

Towels or hand towels where you’d use them in the shower.

Shower Curtain Bags:

A place to put your shower curtain on the outside of your clothing so it hangs lower.

Towel Bars:

A place to put towel bars inside the clothes that you are wearing.

Sunglasses Hoodies:

A place to put sunglasses inside the sweatshirt you are wearing.


A place where you can keep your belt so it doesn’t get pulled out of you.


The most important things, right?


Not as fancy but they can be just as effective.

Shower Curtain:

You can keep the bottom part of your shower curtain closed.

How you can use these products for your household (and for your personal travel)

Have you ever tried to put on a new pair of clothes in advance of your travel day and were concerned they weren’t as nice as they were left in at home? Or have you ever had the dreaded hangover that resulted in a completely unkempt look?

How about an evening dress that had been lying around the house for weeks?

For those of you who are traveling with children, how can you use these products?

While traveling, don’t have any disposable clothing that you need to throw away (if you find it in an emergency, do not throw it away). These items are valuable for:

Dressing in the morning or evening.

Putting on a new outfit.

Sleeping when you’re traveling.

Keeping your clothes in storage.

If you would rather just change one item at a time, you can store those in the dressing room at home without wasting a precious outfit.

If you are traveling with kids, you can put that extra clothing in storage. Keep a “Dinner Box” near the dressing room so your kids have plenty of space to play in between dinner and bed.

You can also try putting clothing in a drawer you are using for storage so you don’t need to

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