Is there a free version of Lightroom? – Learn Photo Editing Login Instagram

No – you need to pay for a paid version of Lightroom, which also features advanced editing features in support of 4k and 5k files

Did you use Lightroom Pro?

Yes – it makes Lightroom Pro a very powerful tool

Why is it called Lightroom?

Lightroom is a name that was chosen to reflect its capabilities and the advanced editing capabilities available in that same product.

Can Lightroom export to another software or a device like an iPhone or iPod Touch?

Yes, Lightroom can export to a wide variety of formats (both on-screen and image on the file – and also a variety of media formats including .ZIP files and .RAR/BMP)

Can Lightroom take pictures of documents from other software or devices?

That’s one example of how Lightroom supports another file (also supported by other applications such as After Effects etc.)

Can Lightroom copy images from a document onto another Lightroom document?

No; Lightroom cannot make copies of itself within Lightroom (even an existing copy) if the document is in a different file format (such as .PNG or .JPEG).

When I first loaded a copy of Lightroom Pro onto my computer, did the settings that the pro feature were still accessible?

Yes; Lightroom offers multiple editing options with the pro feature that will allow new users to quickly learn on the fly the features that help them produce visually stunning works of art.

If I have Lightroom on the Mac and I download another software, does that automatically switch to Lightroom Pro?

No. You need to follow the instructions provided in the file that downloads (see How do I switch from Lightroom to another application?)

Does Lightroom allow me to edit and/or save Lightroom documents?

Lightroom documents can be moved between computers, iMacs, PCs, Android phones, iPhones and iPads, and tablets.

Can Lightroom document be edited on another computer that’s not connected to the same network as the Windows computer?

Yes. Lightroom allows you to create custom folders on other computers, and you have full control over what is saved in them, and what is not.

Does Lightroom allow me to convert the original image into another format (such as .PNG, .TIF, .BMP, etc.)?

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No. Lightroom is capable of converting almost any .

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