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Can’t find an app? Check out our free Android apps for Photoshop CC or our free PC apps for Photoshop CC.

Photo Booth Basics Learn basic camera settings like ISO speed and the shutter speed of your camera and how to use them.

Photography 101: Basic Cameras Learn how to take pictures in a variety of camera types and with a variety of focal lengths.
Photoshop tutorial: Create cool neon effects - Digital Arts

How to Capture the Perfect Picture Discover the essentials of the professional photographer’s tools.

Introduction to a Digital SLR Learn about the benefits and pros of one of the most popular entry-level digital cameras — the DSLR.

Photography Fundamentals Learn about lighting and aperture control, metering and exposure, and ISO.

What Is a Digital Camera? Learn about the various cameras on the market and what makes them so important to professional photographers.

How to Use a Digital Camera Learn all about the most common digital photography tools and techniques.

How to Improve Your Drawing Skills Learn tips for drawing accurately, accurately, accurately.

How to Draw with Light Learn about the basics of drawing with light, both from a historical perspective and from a practical perspective.

Lighting 101 Learn about the importance of lighting and how to use it in your photography.

“I’d love to do a movie as great as ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ but it’s going to require some work. It might be a hard sell because it had been done before,” he says. “There’s a lot of people trying to adapt a movie to Hollywood today but the movie business is hard. No one wants to pay huge money for a movie that people might hate. So I need to have a film that everybody respects and doesn’t take over their lives. I also need to be able to sell it because there’s a lot of money at stake.”

The first of two “Waves of Grace” conferences, held in New York on April 14 and 15, was hosted by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. The message was to “refocus the conversation among Christian athletes to God’s glory, not their own,” said the FCA’s James L. Birtley “While we will have our own opinions and voices to defend, we hope that many of you will choose to stand in solidarity with us and with our fellow athletes in the fight to be good, righteous, and true Christians. You may even find that your own faith has changed and you become a more Christlike, gracious, and compassionate witness to our faith

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