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You’d be hard pressed to find more evidence in the history of digital photography than that we need a better smartphone camera. As cameras get sharper and longer lenses and cameras get bigger, the number of photographs that you take becomes ever more precious, and a camera that doesn’t perform well is a pain in the ass. That’s where this thing comes in. It’s a tiny little camera that snaps pictures automatically and comes packaged in a small, compact case. It’s the first self-driven camera designed specifically to take photographs, and it’s the best one yet.

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The “fascinating, challenging and engaging” series explores all things to do with a number of animals, from primates to elephants, and examines how human society responds to and interacts with animals—both with respect and abuse.

The show explores “all the things that make animals human,” as well as the ways that they “represent everything that is human about us”: their personalities, their preferences, their habits, their vulnerabilities, strengths and capabilities.

The “Bully” is presented by New York-based journalist and broadcaster Jonathan Jones (known for his coverage of topics such as child abuse, child abuse-suicide, terrorism, and domestic violence). Jones has been doing an extensive amount of interviewing with celebrities with animals, including animal rights activist David Prendergast, actor and activist Jason Sudeikis, and others. He works regularly with animals on television and in film (working with the Oscar-winning documentary “The Cove”) to investigate their issues (see interview with him and the Animal Planet team that worked on the Emmy-nominated video series “Animal Kingdom”).

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In what is possibly the most shocking revelation of the week so far for the Democratic Party, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has confirmed he is planning a run for the presidency in 2020.

Now the question: How did Reid get involved with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in the first place?

It appears that when Obama nominated Reid to the Democratic leadership position during his final day in office in 2009, the President-elect made it clear that he would like to see his friend, Reid, join him in the White House.

“Our last meeting,” Reid said of his last meeting with Obama at the White House, according to a source at the time. “He said, ‘Are

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