Is there a Photoshop app?

Yes. A Photoshop image can be easily loaded with a URL, either local or remote, and the app will automatically add it to the URL when saving.

Should my photos be labeled by their tags and attributes, or by the image location and quality?

Tags are optional.

Who am I? What am I? What’s going on?

My name is I. I’m a photographer, I love taking photographs, and I like to share them. What’s more I think photography is one of the most amazing forms of art. I love the challenge, the excitement, the process, and the overall sense of accomplishment.

I also consider myself an artist, that’s all I do, except for photography.

I’m the owner of an awesome blog, called Photographers Without Borders and also the author of the best photography book ever: A Photographing Life (and the second in the series, A Photographing Life of a Photographer).

My favorite thing about photography is the thrill and sense of accomplishment it gives me… I take it for granted but that’s an understatement.

My greatest fear is not to fail at something. I have many photos I’ve published but I would rather not have a single one get lost in the shuffle, never to find its way into a web page or the inbox in an email.

There are many challenges in the beginning, getting into shooting, and that’s why I like to share so many of my photos online. For some of you reading this, those were the best photos you’ve ever taken. My goal wasn’t to sell them to people in order to make some extra money, but rather so people could get to look at them and get inspired by them.

I also would like to share my experience in making these photos, as I think the most compelling parts of any photograph are the ones that get shown. I look at my photos when I create them and I can’t help but feel it’s the most powerful piece I’ve made.

You can even find more pictures in my blog under my name

I have other projects planned including webpages, posters, calendars and more, but I just keep getting excited about working on my photography and sharing it, it’s something I like to do. All the photos on this site aren’t from my own collection, they’re all taken by various friends and colleagues during my travels as well as in my other projects. The photos you see from my blog are