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I wish there’s a word you’d use to describe it. It’s pretty cool. It gives you access to so many tools and lets you really take control of what you’re doing.

How is Photoshop different from other image editors in that the main screen is more of a graphical interface than the editor itself, with options and buttons to help you work through different image manipulation options?

When you first start using Photoshop, your idea that Photoshop is a graphical editor is incorrect. For example you have a tool to edit the top left corner of an image. This tool is a bit different to other editing tools that you might find in a Mac application. The top left area gets a bunch of options as to what you want to add or remove, and you can get to it with a drag and drop, which works kind of like a toolbar, but in this case you can get to a lot of different areas for different effects and effects that you might want to do. When you first start using the tools at the top of the screen, it’s probably going to feel a little bit intimidating, but after a few times of being comfortable with how all these items work together it just comes out of the window.

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With the tools on the screen, are all of the options for editing and tweaking your images stored in a user profile or database? Are the different settings saved per folder, rather than per document?

It’s all stored in a user profile in the user’s own hard drive. Once you’ve used some of those tools, you can back them up and the files you’re doing work in, and once you’re done you can save them back up. There’s a little bit of a database in there where all the images you’ve taken for your work are. When you’re drawing in Photoshop the other image editors have a database and it’s pretty much just saved to disk, and it’s kind of just there for you to pull out and edit. With Photoshop it’s really convenient having them loaded up and you can get to them very easily.

What are some of the features you really like? In particular, what do you find to be one of the main differences in being a Mac user versus Windows users when it comes to file management and how to actually use the various image manipulation tools and editing tools that are available to you?

I’ve tried all sorts of tools with the Photoshop and have found that the things I like to do in Photoshop work a lot better in Photoshop than they do

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