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Do you use it?

When I started to learn iOS and the App Store, most of my photos were taken on iPhones… Then I bought the Mac and now I mainly edit photos on my Mac. I use apps from PhotoShop, iAO and others to edit the images.

And what apps do you use to create your content?

I use Lightroom 5 as my main photo editing software… I also use Aperture for video editing. I also use Photoshop, Lightroom, Photoshop Elements and The Lightroom Preset.

How does Adobe Photoshop work in editing your photos?

I use Photoshop Elements, however that is the only app you will use to edit your photos.
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Can you send me pictures taken by your iPhone that you like?

Since I get lots of photos, I will send you more pictures from my iPhone soon 🙂

I wish all these questions have been answered, however I can’t remember if there were any other questions. So I recommend you to continue reading our answers.

What kind of a company is yours?

We are a group of creative photographers, photographers who love photography. We are the most independent photographers today. We are also very professional in our work. Our work is based on true passion. We will always strive for the highest standard of beauty within our work. If you like what we are producing just click “Sign Up” below and check out our awesome work!

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This is the result:

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