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– Editing a PDF is simple as the basic function of copying and pasting.

– Editing a Word document (Excel) is more complex. In this case the most common types of editing are:

1. Merge Edit – Merge multiple versions of the same document into one

2. Rename – Rename or rename the text

3. Paste into document – Paste (cut) text from any source into the document

4. Copy – Copy an existing document (from one folder) into another folder

5. Paste into list of sheets or table of contents – Paste into the list of sheets or table of contents in the Microsoft Office document editor

6. Insert – Insert text from the current folder into the main document

– In both the merge and rename operations, the document is changed only by copying over a section of text.

– Editing a Word document in Excel is more complex as most Excel files contain lots of special formatting characters, which may result in strange formatting, strange color combinations or unexpected line breaks in your page.

Which is better? Which is more advanced? Do any two operations give you the feeling of going against each other? Which can be applied in different ways to different workbooks?

Let’s have a look!

To do this, let’s make a comparison of each operation:

Knit Jones: The Ferbs

Merge and rename operations: How easy is it to merge versions

Merge and rename operations

A few words about merging

Merge is usually done in a batch mode.

Merge is done in a batch mode when the file version count is low

In this case, when the number of changes exceeds the number of edits, the file is merged by copying the source and destination files into one and merging the two versions. Thus, each new file becomes a new version.

Merging a file and converting text into a new Excel file will affect only the file itself.

In this case, when the file is already edited, and the copy or convert operation may create some odd formatting or some weird color issues in the document (because the file was edited recently), the source and destination files are merged back and it is done again.

So in this case, the file is converted back to its original file format. Now, this process is repeated many times.

Merge and copy operations merge multiple files or documents as much as possible into a single file.


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