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How does an editor actually work?

The basics of editing consist in using some basic editing skills:

• Using the arrow keys on the keyboard to control the speed of drawing the object.

• Using a mouse to control the size of the object.

• Using the spacebar and the shift-Enter keys to move between drawing tools.

• Use of the up and down arrows (or the spacebar) to move the mouse on or off the character.

• The cursor key (or the Enter key) to control the position of the cursor and to move it to and fro,

Note that some basic editing techniques still apply even on a PC:

• The normal zoom of a screen may need to be set to a smaller size.

• The normal position of the mouse may be changed by holding down shift.

• The character may be placed onto the screen by dragging it from the start or end of the screen.

The basics of drawing a character

The basic drawing technique consists in placing the figure on the drawing board.

The main purpose of the drawing step is to place the character onto the drawing panel.

There are two things that must happen for the figures to be drawn correctly:

• The characters should still be drawn, but they should not be visible on the drawing board.

• The outline or silhouette of the character should be included in the drawing.

In this technique it is necessary to hold down the left arrow key when drawing from the right, and to hold down the down arrow key when drawing from the left.

How does one draw a character?

This basic approach can be used throughout life for drawing.

A child will learn to draw a character by copying shapes from the drawing board onto paper.

The child will then repeat his or her drawing by copying the shapes back onto the drawing board.

An adult and a professional, however, will learn to draw a character by using a drawing kit and the drawing process.

The drawing process consists in drawing each individual figure.

The character must then be cut out in its simplest form, usually with a sharp knife, if necessary.

Using the knife for this step is the method used when drawing on paper:

• With the right angle, you can cut the top line straight and the bottom line off straight. However, the drawing cannot be completed with a sharp knife.

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