What are the basics of image editing?

As you’ve been aware, in the real world that’s all you can do. You can paint on the wall or try to make some fancy drawings of animals, but it really just takes time and practice. Nowadays, you’ve got to know how to do all this and there are a few techniques you can pick up as your creativity allows you to do so. Here are my tips if you want to get some extra fun out of doing anything, and some of the ways you can go about it:

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I. Create the Scene

The first step is to give yourself some direction. Try to get an idea of what you want your painting to look like. I’ve done two examples, one where I wanted to draw a picture of a lady’s face, some sort of animal that looked like a frog, and one where I wanted to paint a picture of a turtle.

The animal painting is the easiest example. Just draw an animal with a face and then go into whatever software you’re using to make some drawings. It’s a way to use a computer to do the heavy lifting and to see what you’re doing wrong and create a new painting. Try out some new styles of drawing, or if you’re already doing some art you can experiment with the painting.

II. Draw from Memory

For the turtle example, I used the “Memory” tool, which is a simple text editor that you can download, or you can download it from your computer’s desktop screen. Make sure you have the right software in that to have the memory tool, and you can try something. You can draw pictures in a row right from the list, or you can go directly to the text editor to create a picture, or you can use the “Memory” tool to browse and use the full selection of images and drawing tools.

III. Draw to the Point

Another way to do this is to do some drawing into a grid pattern. Try out some different strokes that are a little more intricate to get that flow going. If you want it to look a bit more like a drawing, then make use of the stroke tools in the lower right-hand corner to go back and forth, changing the direction of your strokes.

IV. Use the Rectangle Tool

This tool can be best used in the lower right-hand corner of the screen to make it easier or harder to draw. Try something out that looks like a figure, or a triangle. Again, keep it in the drawing